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I hope you’re all cuddled up inside, under a blanket and out of the rain! With us going on two + months of quarantine, I’m sure you’re all getting a little antsy. I know I am just ITCHING to explore, and travel. Unfortunately, we can’t quite do that yet so what is the next best thing? I thought the perfect blog post would be to give you all some travel inspiration for when we eventually can go back outside and explore! I teamed up with a fellow blogger and exploring queen to help me inspire you all.

Gabrielle Sales is a travel blogger that shares her explorations. She lives by her blog’s tagline: “desire, explore, inspire.” And that’s exactly what we’re hoping to do with this collaboration blog post today! I have asked Gabrielle to share with us her most favourite locations to hike explore. Last year I uploaded a blog post sharing some unique locations in Ontario to go hiking, which you can check out here. I realize that not all of my followers live in Onatrio, and/or are looking to explore elsewhere and hopefully this will inspire you guys to add some of these locations to your travel bucket list for when we can eventually explore the world once again!


By: Gabrielle Sales, Professional Explorer

Lexi has a way of capturing us with her words on how nothing is ever limited. For me, being “unlimited” means expressing the freedom to explore our beautiful Earth while we can. I have quite an addition to the outdoors and hiking. By that, I mean I write a lot of guides to the outdoors (and different trails) and I’ve hiked 80+ different trails over the past 4 years dating back to 2016.

I didn’t grow up to be an outdoorsy person, but ever since I moved from the East coast of New Jersey to Arizona in October of 2018, I had the opportunity to go hiking more so than ever before. After all, it is home to the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and is known for it’s natural geological beauty and trails.

I have done a wide variety of solo hiking here in Arizona, and have been accustomed to that. Solo hiking isn’t for everyone, but it is meditating for me, it’s one of my favourite hobbies and I find nature is very healing. I’ve completed the 52 Hike Challenge in January of 2020. You can read more about solo hiking and my guides to hiking by checking out my website – linked at the end of this blog post!

Lexi asked me to share with you guys what my favourite hiking trails were, and that is SO hard because I’ve come across so many beautiful hikes so far! I’ve narrowed it down to one favourite for each different hike including; ocean, forest, waterfall, rock formation, and National Park hikes.

Favourite Ocean Hike

I have seen some nice ocean hikes and this was really hard to choose, but I’d say the Yucca Point Trail at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve was beautiful. It is located in San Diego, California nd this trail is iconic for it’s desert-like elements like cactus and red buttes, formed here from millions of years ago. It also contains the rarest and endangered pine species in America, the Torrey Pines, and it can only be found here.

Besides the history of the geology and ecology here, I loved seeing the beautiful blue ocean against the scenery and the high cliffs. It was a relaxing and scenic hike and it had a great breeze!

Favourite Forest Hike

Hawaii is considered one of the most tropical states of the country, and also – to me – one of the most beautiful and I have traveled half of the country! I had to count the Lulumahu Waterfalls Trail as one of my favourite forest hikes I have done (click here for a guide I wrote on it). It really had the essence of being “lost” in a rainforest. I even saw bamboo trees too in the hike. It was so lush everywhere from the trees to the grass to the green mountains you can see and to bodies of water around.

What was exciting about this hike the most was at the end, you could go see a 50-foot waterfall. Unfortunately, some danger occurred while hiking here and getting so close to the waterfall, it had poured heavy rain out of nowhere and we were not able to complete it because we did not want to get caught and hurt ourselves. I did see some small waterfalls and streams, but it would’ve been awesome to have made it to the end. It was still a beautiful adventure!

Favourite Waterfall Hike

I’ve seen some pretty waterfalls before, but nothing tops the tallest waterfall in America. The Yosemite Falls at Yosemite National Park is the highest at 2,425 feet from the top of the waterfall to the base. The lower falls that drop from it are still tall at 320 feet and that’s what I saw on the Lower Yosemite Falls hike, which gives a pretty good up-close view of it. The water was very cool but super refreshing and you can even feel the breeze from the falls.

I came here when a huge wildfire occurred and I had to go through all this trouble when it happened! The park was filled with smoke that made the skies yellow and made it smell like a barbecue cookout was happening. Yosemite National Park is a must-see place nonetheless!

Favourite Rock Formation Hike

I wouldn’t pay great homage to one of my favourite states, my home state Arizona, if I didn’t list a favourite of mine from it. One of my favourite hikes I did and also because of it’s rock formation is the Weaver’s Needle Trail via Peralta Canyon. It’s located in my favourite range of mountains in the state called the Superstition Mountains. The Weaver’s Needle is a 1,000 ft tall (from it’s base) column of rock that is shaped like…you guessed it, a weaving needle.

It’s a beautiful hike all throughout and you actually will hike through a big section of the canyon. This is also one of the only hikes I cried tears of joy at because the beauty of it does no justice through pictures. It’s a MUST see in person. I spent some of my time meditating on top of a boulder in front of the Weaver’s Needle because of how grateful I felt to be there and accomplished because it wasn’t an easy hike.

Favourite National Park Hike

I’ve been to a few National Parks, but I haven’t hiked in a lot of them. I did do a hike that challenged me a bit by doing the Navajo Loop Trail in Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. As I wrote in my guide to Bryce Canyon National Park, it is full of “hoodoos” and fun fact, it isn’t really a canyon (explained in further detail on my blog post), but you can feel it through this hike. It’s rock formations are so cool and the hike was pretty at any angle even with how steep the trail seemed.

I hope you enjoyed my 5 favourite hikes, one that highlights different elements in each, and that you got a feel what these trails were like. You can read about and keep up with all of my hiking adventures over on my blog linked at the end of this post!

I hope you all enjoyed Gabrielle’s content here on my blog! Be sure to check out her website and other social medias for even MORE travel content and inspiration. Which location are you immediately adding to your travel bucket list? Leave us a comment below! You can also check out my travel bucket list blog post I shared about a year ago, it might not be hiking inspo, but it sure will get you itching to travel once we’re cleared to do so!

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